Yoga Dham Thawa provides following practices.


We implement meditational asanas which enable us to practice concentration and meditation without physical disturbance, and therapeutic asanas, which remove and prevent diseases of the body and mind.


The aim of pranayama is control over the flow of prana (vital or bioenergy), which is intimately related to the breathing process. Any manipulation of the breath will automatically cause manipulations of the prana.


Physical and mental attitudes which play an important role in yoga in bringing about controlled psychic states and occurrences.


The type of meditation practice, Yoga Nidra, is a state of mind between wakefulness and dream. Practice can change the nature of your mind, diseases can be cured and your creative genius can be restored.

Veena Acharya
Veena Acharya

Additional opportunities

Classes: Mantras, Hindi songs
Yoga practice: Kriya Yoga, Yoga for children
Massage: Aurvedic massage