Thawa Krishna Temple in Naggar, Kullu Valley

5000 years old Thawa Krishna Temple in the hills over Naggar. A very ancient and very spiritual place. According to legend Lord Krishna himself made meditation in this spiritual place on Thawa hill, asking God to give his wife, Satya Bama, a beautiful baby son.

Nowadays life is absolutely traditional. Every day a family of bramins pray pujas and celebrate holidays according to ancient traditions. You meet amazing people who live absolutely natural life.

You have a unique chance to live with these people for a while. They are bramins and yogis for generations. Their ancestors were counselors of Rajas. And they are always welcome to meet people and to show them the real Indian culture and traditions.

The Family

Shri Jai Dev Acharya. He is hereditary yogi and the master pujari (a priest) in Thawa Krishna Temple. Acharya is very ancient family of the counselors, this word can also be translated as “a teacher, a master, a guru”.

Jay Dev Acharya
Jai Dev Acharya

Vidjavati Acharya, a wive of the pujari, a mother of seven children. She welcomes every guest as her own child.

Vidjavati Acharya
Vidjavati Acharya

Veena Acharya, a daughter of pujari, was born in Naggar, Himachal Pradesh in 1973 in the family of hereditary yogi and priest. Living and serving in Temple, studying Sanskrit, mantras and ancient scripts, inspired by Sannyasins, who often came to the Temple, Veena follows spiritual way of life since childhood. She studied at the Bihar School of Yoga getting a PG Yoga Diploma in 2004 and inspired by her Guruji, Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, has started her own program Yoga Dham Thawa. To develop her yoga skills Veena did a master-degree MA in Science of Living from Jain Vishva Bharati Institute, Ladnun, Rajsthan in 2006.

She attracted more and more local and foreign people for practicing yoga and leading a divine life. She leads unforgettable and very deep music meditations and yoga Nidra sessions, she recovers people with traditional himalayan massage, and travels in India and to other countries with Shivananda yoga seminars.


Veena Acharya
Veena Acharya

In Acharya family more than 20 people. You meet them all when you visit us in Krishna Temple.