We offer vary programs according to your wishes. If you are individual, you are welcome to stay with us, practice yoga and live our temple life. If you are a yoga teacher or a group leader, you are welcome to stay with us, do your daily practices, but also spend some time with us, and we can help you with unforgettable excursions and trekkings to the spiritual places, the ancient temple and unique nature sights.

Veena Acharya
Veena Acharya

Here’s the example of a program, combined with some interesting excursions.

Day 1. Walk to Pikhari Baba temple. There you also will see a holy spring and a cave with ancient pass from Kullu valley to Parvati valley.
Excursion to 5000 years old Krishna Temple.

Day 2. Excursion to Roerich Museum with his tomb and to Urusvati Institute.

Day 3. Excursion to Vasisht, a mountain village where sage Vasisht – an ancestor of all creatures – used to live. Here also sage Viasa, who wrote down vedic epos “Mahabharata” and “Bhagavat Ghita”. Now the village is known for the hot springs, a beautiful waterfall, and good souvenir shopping.

Day 4. Walk in Naggar, a capital of Rajas of Kullu in XIII century. You will see Naggar Castle, temples for Shiva, Parvati and Vishnu, and unique wooden temple for Tripura Sundari.

Day 5. Hiking to Bidjli Mahadev (“Electric Shiva”) temple. From the top of the mountain you will see three Himalayan valleys at the same time.
Visit a buddist temple Kais.

Day 6. A day with Acharya family.

Days 7-8. Camping in the mountains. Trekking to a lake of Holy Prashar Rishi. Unforgettable sunset and sunrise. You will see the mountains which inspired Nicolas Roerich.

Day 9. Master classes to create flower garlands for the gods in Krishna Temple and to bake chapati.

Day 10. Hiking to ancient Rumsu village.

Day 11. Visit to ancient temple of Hadimba and Manu. Free time in Manali, shopping.

Day 12. Hiking to Shiva Temple in Nashala, walk along the river, swimming in natural baths.

Day 13.  Last day in Naggar. Sari party.