Half Day Excursions in Naggar

Roerich Museum

Naggar is known as a place where Russian philosopher and artist Nicolas Rourich spent his life searching a “gate to transcendental reality”. You still can visit his house, sit in front of his tomb stone, and to visit Urusvati Institute founded by him. Review in Russian.

Naggar Castle

Naggar was the capital of the Kullu Rajas for about 1400 years. It was founded by the Visudh Pal and remained as the State headquarters until the capital was moved to Kullu (Sultanpur). Naggar Castle, the official seat of kings for centuries, was built by Raja Sidh Singh more than 500 years ago. Now it’s a museum, a restaurant, and a hotel.

Tripura Sindari Temple

Very ancient, holy and beautiful wooden temple.

Shiva Temple

Old and beautiful Shiva Temple located right in the center of Naggar village.

Krishna Temple

Very special temple dedicated to Krishna. To know more – click here.

Jamadagni Rishi  Temple

A couple of hours walking in the mountain lead you to a very tiny village and a unique temple with an interesting history. Ask locals to tell. The story in Russian is here.

Pangan Nyingma Buddhism Monastery

Typical and beautiful buddhism monastery with overwhelming view over Beas river.

1-Day Excursions in Kullu Valley


Kullu is the main town in Kullu valley. Historical references about Kullu dates back to ancient Hindu literary works of Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Puranas. Nowadays you can visit several very important and even mystical temples.

Devi Temple

Huge building on top of the a rock with Parvati cave and many small temples dedicated to different Hindu goddesses.

Shani Temple

Bidjli Mahadev Temple

Dhakpo Shedrupling Buddhist Monastery


Manali in the last town in Kullu valley before passes to other valleys. It’s a very spiritual place with long and interesting history, and some its temples are just amazing. Review in Russian about Manali.

Manu Temple

Manu is like the first man on the Earth in Indian mythology. More pics and a review about the temple in Russian.

Hadimba Temple

Probably the only one Hadimba temple in the whole India. Very special and unique. Surrounded my mystical forest with huge stones. Review in Russian and some pics.

Rohtang Pass

Just an amazing place. Very impressive. Very spectacular. Very special for buddhists. Review in Russian.


Vashisht is an ancient and a very spiritual place. It was founded by Guru Vashisht who was sole Guru and teacher of Ram and Laxman. Sage Vyasa lived here, too. Today Vashisht is a popular tourists place. Visit its hot spring and a few beautiful waterfalls.

Camping and Trekking in the Mountains

Hampta Pass

2-day excursion, camping in tents, hiking

Prashar Rishi Lake

2 days excursion, camping. Hiking to holy and mystical lake, and secret caves. Landscapes from Roerich’s paintings. More pics are here.

Khir Ganga

2 days trekking. Khir Ganga is a small village in the mountains with ancient Shiva Temple. Review in Russian and some pics are here.

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